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Visitor Participant Survey - Sunshine Coast Winter Bowls Carnival 2010
1.) Where do you reside?
 South East Queensland
 Queensland (Other than SEQ)
2.) What type of accommodation did you book?
 Private (with friends)
 Caravan Park
3.) How many people in your party stayed at the above accommodation?
4.) Did you travel by yourself or come with others?
 Work Collegues
5.) Did you travel to the Sunshine Coast specifically for the Winter Bowls Carnival?
6.) If no then for what other reason are you visting the coast?
7.) If you are a visitor to the Sunshine Coast, where did you stay?
 Elsewhere on the coast
 Not staying
8.) How many nights did you stay?
 1 Night
 2 Nights
 3 - 4 Nights
 5 - 6 Nights
 7 Nights
 Over 7 Nights
9.) How much on average did you spend per day per person?
 Up to $50
 Over $300
10.) Did you do any sight seeing or visit any tourist attractions whilst you were on the coast?
11.) If yes then what attractions did you visit?
12.) Did you or members of your group prefer to dine at:
 Bowls Clubs
 Local Restaurants
 Takeaway venues
 Accommodation provided self catering facilities
13.) How did you hear about this event?
 Event organiser
 Event website
 Print media
14.) Do you plan to attend the 2011 Winter Bowls Carnival?
15.) Did you sign up to receive the event newsletters in the lead up to the Carnival
16.) If yes, did you find them:
 Useful and Interesting
17.) Have you found the new SCDMBA website:
 Easy to navigate
18.) Finally, we appreciate your feedback, it helps us to build a bigger and better event next year. Was there any aspect of your Carnival experience you really enjoyed or would change?
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